Recommended Reading on the Prophet Daniel

Dear Reggie,

Thanks so very much for recommending David Baron. I’m reading his
commentary on Zechariah and have been very blessed and challenged. What a
wonderful, tasty meal of chewy delicious meat!

I am also in search of a few choice commentaries on the prophet Daniel from
the same rich vein of writers. Any that you could recommend?

Your appreciative bro

S.P. Tregelles on DanielIn an instant, I have exactly who to recommend on Daniel. First, and most accessible would be S.P. Tregelles’ “Remarks on the Prophetic Visions in the Book of Daniel,” available through Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony in Essex (on line at

Second, or perhaps even first in importance is a much more rare book entitled “Prophetic Interpretations” by P.S.G. Watson. It is available to view on line through the Dallas Theological Online Library, Antiquarian Books. Unfortunately, they have it where it can only be leafed through; it can’t be copied to be printed. If upon your preview of the book, interest should happen to soar, I would be happy to take my xerox copy to a printer here and have a copy made to be sent. I could let you know the cost. But look through it first, and see what you think. In my view, no one is so good as Watson on the case for ‘futurism’ and a literal hermeneutic, particularly in regards to the ‘abomination of desolation’ and the centrality of its place and role in the unfolding of last days events. I know of no other that so nearly approximates my own findings and view of the subject. His exegesis is surgical; and the things he says about the inexcusable unbelief of the church concerning the return of the Jews in an initial preparatory return while yet in unbelief is impressive and exciting coming from a mid 19th century perspective. Primarily for his reliance on Tregelles, I would also recommend G. H. Lang’s “The Histories and Prophecies of Daniel.”

In appreciative friendship, Reggie

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