Books: “An Alternative to Left Behind Eschatology”

I was wondering if you could suggest a few good reads? I’m looking for some stuff with real meat on it. Be it devotional, historical, or academic/theological. What have you been reading lately? Also, for your e-mail audience, I was wondering if you might consider regularly listing what you are reading that you find to be truly edifying and beneficial?

Many blessings,

historic_premillenialismYou happen to have caught me just as I am working through one of the first books I’ve had the pleasure of reading in quite a while. I think its one that you would particularly enjoy, if only for its ability to revive some of the themes of mutual interest in eschatology. Its “A Case for Historic Premillennialism; An Alternative to Left Behind Eschatology,” edited by Craig Blomberg and Sung Chung.

I’ll forward this recommendation to our larger group of friends with the caution that it is academic in character and approach, and might seem tedious to some. I suggest that any that think they might be interested first go on line to, or, and check out the table of contents and read some excerpts before buying.

By no means is this a blanket endorsement to such a diversified collection of essays. It is only some iron that may sharpen those that have a specialized interest, or that labor and in this field. One of the essays might be of particular interest for those interested in a concise historical survey of Jewish views of the after life and the ‘messianic age’. It will inform but sadden.

Your friend in Christ, Reggie

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