Recommended Reading: Joseph and Jesus

Joseph, Jesus and the Jewish People

I was wondering if you had a recommendation for a book on the parallels between Joseph and Jesus, or if you yourself have written on it. I truly believe that this subject is one of the greatest keys, if not THE key, to explaining Christ to Jewish people, and to introducing Gentiles to God’s prophetic scenario. The more light we can get on this subject the better. Do you have any suggestions?

I do indeed, Eli. First, let me recommend the below Bible study by long friend, Dean Van Druff: I read it today for the second time and was as moved as I was the first time.

Also, I’ve not had much time with it yet, but I’m quite impressed with a book that I found while searching for this topic on It looks to be a very valuable resource for our interest. Other than Dean, this is the only author that I know of who has published something that compares Joseph’s self revelation to his brethren as a type of Jesus’ revelation to Israel at His return. She also says it is something that was for her a new discovery that she considers timely in the church’s relation to Israel. Just today, I notice she expects another expulsion and flight of Jews. That’s a comparatively rare perspective. The book is: “Joseph, Jesus, and the Jewish People: A Gospel Tract Hidden in the Torah” Reggie

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