Daniel Chapter 2, 7 and 8 Video from “A People Prepared”

We are in the process of editing the video from the September Convocation “A People Prepared for These Last Days.” Audio has been available at the Convocation page since a week or so following the event, but the video files are larger and more difficult to serve. The good news is that almost half of the Daniel Series has been uploaded to YouTube in HD (The YouTube user is “mysteryofisrael“. Going through all the Visions of the book of Daniel verse by verse in one weekend was a bit taxing but we were granted the grace to get all the way through the final chapters that Jesus Himself encouraged us to read – “Let the reader understand.” (Mark 13:14, Matt 24:15)

Links to the Part 1 Video of each for three uploaded chapters is found below:
Chapter Two
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

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2 Responses to Daniel Chapter 2, 7 and 8 Video from “A People Prepared”

  1. Bryn says:

    Hi there Reggie,

    We’re trying to download the series of ‘a people prepared’. Watching for us is a bit slow as our broadband connection is not so fast, hence wanting to download. Youtube doesn’t allow downloads, so I am wondering if you have the sessions in a movie format that we can put into itunes on our mac???

    Might have to go back to the audios. The quality wasn’t so good on the first one though so we got stalled! Any ideas welcome

    We are so appreciating the teachings Reggie & read all you publish on the site. We print out copies for my mum (84). She is greatly blessed to read them too, and has talked at her womens’ bible study about what she is learning.

    We live in Tauranga, New Zealand,
    Many blessings from Bryn & Nigel Stables
    & Yvonne Barker (mum)

  2. Tom Quinlan says:

    Hi Bryn,
    Try this link:


    I believe you will be able to download from there. I hope to have them all up there eventually, but processing and uploading the video is v e r y s l o w. I also wasn’t sure how monthly bandwidth limits we have here could potentially shut the whole site down for a month, so I turned attention and focus to YouTube where that can’t be a problem. At the current pace it may take until early 2011 to be complete.

    Your encouraging comments are strengthening. Prayers would be appreciated as well, as there have been obstacles to getting the video up.

    Your servant in our Lord Jesus,
    Tom Quinlan

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