The Climax of the Covenant [Video]

This message is from the 2012 “Olivet” Convocation in Madison, Ohio. Reggie spoke from Matthew 24, Daniel and other passages. Travis Bennett is also heard in this message as well as questions and comments from various attendees of the conference. The following are a few quotes from the message:

“Have you ever thought of the Olivet Prophecy as the finishing of a mystery and a climax? Have you ever thought of it as an end of a covenant? You’re used to thinking of the covenant as terminating with the cross of Christ and the bringing in of the New Covenant and you are correct. But the New Covenant has not obtained it’s full reach until it has brought back the natural branches.”


“God Himself actually suggested “Replacement Theology” to Moses. Have you guys ever noticed that? Look at Numbers 14. What you’ll find is that God, full knowing that he would evoke in Moses the Spirit of Christ the intercessor, He says to him something like this “Step aside {Moses}, because we can dispose of this people and start over with somebody a little more compliant, a little more promising.” And of course Moses says “God if you do that Your name is at stake,” Indeed it was. And that is exactly what God wanted to hear… This is God calculatingly eliciting from Moses a basic template of His whole future work with Israel that He would NOT go to another people.”


“Get ready for our own humblings. God is not going to send a stuffy, ‘we were right,’ ‘told you so,’ Church to Israel. He’s going to send a people who are like blinded Samson, who recover strength by the grace of God, having been deeply humbled.” – Reggie Kelly


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