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The Logic of the Covenant [Audio]

(The following is a first attempt to record a phone conversation with Reggie. Technically it didn’t go so well, with our microphone picking up much an electronic frequency from the telephone that was imperceptible to the human ear. However, we decided that quality of the content makes the poor sound of the recording bearable. We hope you agree)

In this conversation, Reggie unpacks what he calls “The Logic of the Covenant,” a bullet point of one of the “Apocalyptic Evangelism” Outlines.


Right Click to Download The Logic of the Covenant (17mb)

1 Response to The Logic of the Covenant [Audio]

  1. chuckabean

    The fact that obedience is Christ in us, is good news. It also explains how God could view lying Abraham as a righteous man. It is in the same way He can view lying, complaining, Chuck as a righteous man. Christ in you, the hope of glory.

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