On Matthew 24 and Luke 21

@MysteryofIsrael – Question: Do you see a distiction between the audiences in Mt 24 and Lk 21?

No. I see both manifestly parallel accounts to be a summary of the Olivet Discourse, though surely delivered at different times and in different parts over the course of the Lord’s ministry, but especially when the express question was put to Him so shortly before His passion.

All three Synoptics have the same material, with slightly different variations. In all, there is a near partial fulfillment that served that generation and all subsequent generations. Then there is the far fulfillment that achieves the exhaustive and detailed fulfillment of every jot and tittle in the future during Daniel’s 70th week.

Though capable of a partial past application, I see the future fulfillment of Luke’s version as entire and fully intact, not merely some outstanding parts. That is to say, I see nothing in Luke’s account that does not also apply to the future in consistency with the parallel accounts in Mark and Matthew.

It is a great loss to our message when much of Luke’s account is scissored out and restricted to 70 A.D.

I believe this commonly observed phenomenon of near and far, in both prophetic and apocalyptic scripture is a divinely intended mystery to be searched with utmost guarded care, as we can well see how this unique characteristic of prophecy has been handled by academia. Reggie

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