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Our Mission is to restore to the church today the same urgency and mode of “apocalyptic” evangelism that it possessed at the beginning. Simply put, this means we show the evidence from the prophetic writings of Scripture that a mystery has come to light in the gospel of Jesus Christ (Acts 26:22; 1Pet 1:10-11, 12; Ro 16:25, 26).

The church needs to be reminded of its call to make the case for Christ from prophecy. It has lost sight of this method by its loss of the apostolic order of approach to evangelism: “to the Jew first.” The same order should be observed by the church in its approach to last day’s evangelism.

We aim at preparing the church with a reasonable measure of prophetic literacy in order to confirm the gospel and to persuade and answer objections to the faith, particularly Jewish objections, since to answer the Jew goes far towards preparation to give everyman an answer.

About This Site
This site is currently an archive for the emails that Reggie has responded to since mid 2007. It will also be home to the “Apocalyptic Evangelism Course” Reggie is working on. Older foundational “Articles” formerly on the BI site, can now be found here as well.

While it is possible to leave comments directly on this site, at the current time Reggie is not actively participating in responses here. That may change, but for now we encourage you to contact Reggie directly and ask to be put on the mailing list. Questions he deems appropriate to respond to via the entire email list will be posted here shortly thereafter with the additional aid of scripture pop-ups (and footnotes if applicable).


“I would not that ye be ignorant of this mystery brethren.” – We caught Reggie and Travis reflecting on the mystery of Israel, the Messiah nation, and the glory of the Church, the first fruits of Messiah’s sufferings. (Taken from the meeting after the meeting in Session 31 of God’s Foretold Work)


Who is Reggie Kelly?
Reggie Kelly is best known to most of us as a close friend and theological companion of the late Art Katz (1929-2007).

Reggie was saved in 1969 as part of the Jesus People movement of the 60’s. He married this wife, Connie in 1969, and she followed him in baptism and service. A voracious hunger for God and truth followed. In 1975 he met Art Katz and attended the first Holy Convocation meetings in Minnesota, and many thereafter.

Over the past 25 years, he had the privilege to accompany Art on many trips to foreign places. Reggie was a key participant at the Prophetic Schools that were held annually at the Ben Israel lodge. (Some of those recordings are available at Sermon Index). He was the teaching elder at Ben Israel for 12 yrs., up until Art’s death. He is not affiliated with the current Ben Israel Fellowship. He and his wife Connie have 6 children and 10 grandchildren. They still live in Laporte, Minnesota.

All Donations go to support the Kelly’s.

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