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A Costly Neglect

I realize I’ve said as much many times before, but feel this more urgently to be stressed now than ever. By its nature, my calling and part in the body has exposed me, far more than I could wish, to … Continue reading

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The Timing of the Resurrection

Are you saying that Christians who die today will not be resurrected until the last day? Yes. Jesus said that everyone that the Father has given Him will be drawn to Him and raised at the ‘last day’, not sooner. … Continue reading

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Restitution of All Things

This verse has long fascinated me. I find the words “must” and “all” most compelling. Could you elaborate and shed more light? “Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by … Continue reading

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Untenable Tenets of the Dispensational System

It is not the new birth, or even special empowerment by the Spirit that dispensationalists deny to the saints of the tribulation. How could they? They see well enough the power of the two witnesses and the mighty exploits that … Continue reading

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A Son Perfected Through Suffering: A Purified Bride Translated and Caught Up

Sometime back, I did a short essay called, “Where God is Taking the Church” I believe it touched on this question: Do you guys have anything on the the theme of testing/purification/refining of the saints during the great tribulation and … Continue reading

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