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The Near-Far Interpretation of Prophecy

[…] In every context where the eschatological day of the Lord is in view, there is usually a near and a far fulfillment. This is seen most clearly by the simple fact that the messianic salvation, everywhere identified with a climactic post tribulational day of the Lord, simply did not happen. A view of the inerrancy of the inspired scripture, will, of course, demand that a gap be recognized between the past, near and partial fulfillment, and a future fulfillment that is complete and exhaustive.

Even if you happen to deny a distinct future for natural Israel, and even if you are prone to interpret scripture allegorically, one is still obliged to recognize that the promised messianic salvation did not come until much later with the advent of Jesus. Beyond the earnest and first fruits (the “already”) of Israel’s promised salvation, there remains the “not yet” of a yet future day of the Lord that will accomplish “the restoration of all things spoken by the prophets” (Acts 3:21; Ro 11:25-29).

[Note: The difference between pre-mill and a-mill eschatology is simply the question of how much of Israel’s promised salvation came in with the revelation of the gospel? All or part? […] […] Continue reading

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The Prince of the Covenant

Reggie, I heard you mention once that “the prince of the covenant” was someone other than Antichrist. Can you give me your thoughts on this? Watson [i.e. P.S.G. Watson] seems to have taught they are one and the same. See … Continue reading

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Antiochus IV Epiphanes

Dear Reggie, As we seek to understand the prophecy in Daniel regarding the career of Antichrist and where it begins, I continue to get questions about the transition between Ch. 11:21 and 23 and why we are not giving any … Continue reading

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Basic Outline of the Last “Seven”

Reggie, Rather than a final work could you at least send a rough outline. What starts the 3.5 years, what happens in the middle, then at the end of 7 years. You can refine later, but I need something to … Continue reading

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New Course | The Five Visions of Daniel

The Five Visions of Daniel Home Lesson 1 | Daniel Chapter 2: The Dream of Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon Lesson 2 | Daniel Chapter 7: Four Beasts Rise from the Sea Lesson 3 | Daniel Chapter 8: The Ram and the Goat Lesson 4 | Daniel Chapter 9: The Seventy Sevens of Daniel's People Lesson 5 | Daniel Chapters 10-12: The Abomination that Causes Desolation Introduction to Daniel: Pursuing the Lord's Mandate

As of this weekend, all of the videos from the Sept 2010 Convocation regarding the prophet Daniel have now been posted on YouTube. (If there may be a few straggler segments we will update as necessary.) We have made mention of each session here as they have been posted, but we fear that as additional articles are put up over the coming weeks or months, this foundational material will get buried and neglected. Therefore it has been assembled and cross-linked so that it can more readily be found in it’s entirety.

In the banner at the top of every Mystery-of-Israel page there is a new section called “Courses” replacing the older section called “Apocalyptic Evangelism Course.” This new link references the still-in-progress work called “Apocalyptic Evangelism,” but now also the completed course on The Five Visions of Daniel.

The graphic above appears on each page of the course, so that easy reference to other chapters is available. We hope to link relevant articles and commentary to the appropriate lessons as time permits.

Our prayer is that this great book will open up afresh to God’s saints, and that they will find renewed confidence in His Word, His character and His glorious Name.
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