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Jerusalem: The Cup of Trembling [Video]

From a Conference at Mt. Zion Church in Bemidji, MN at the 2012 Feast of Tabernacles Convention, Reggie brought this Message:

ReggieKellyFOT2012lite3 from Mt Zion Church, Bemidji on Vimeo.

In the above presentation Reggie refers to his article “Avoiding the False Alarms of Prophetic Speculation.” For your convenience HERE is a link to that paper.

Reggie Kelly and Adam Smith also participated in a Q and A Forum (with John Parsons moderating) during the same convention. That video can be found HERE. Continue reading

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Antiochus was Never a Little Horn

I don’t think anyone’s calling attention to something that should be in the first place most obvious, but have never seen a commentator even question it. It’s like the emperor that had no clothes, or the forest that gets lost … Continue reading

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Now is Come… the Kingdom of Our God, and the Power of His Christ

Two Questions: Why it is that you say the kingdom cannot come in its fullness so long as Satan retains access to heaven? We know that Satan accuses the saints in heaven but why is that related to the mystery … Continue reading

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Featured Article: Daniel as a Type of the Godly Remnant

By Reggie Kelly (This post is a “reprint” of one of the original articles of this site) What follows began as an email that turned into an essay, long to read but critical to know. My trip to the south … Continue reading

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When You See the Abomination… [Video]

Phil Norcom expounds on this important warning from the lips of Jesus, “When you see the abomination that causes desolation flee to the hills of Judea…” The discussion will also look towards the book of Daniel for understanding as the Lord directed in this verse. This teaching is from the 2012 Convocation in Madison, Ohio.

[For PC & Mac: Clicking the “Playlist” button will show all the parts of this particular playlist (in our case all the parts of the “session”) for the convenience of switching from one part to another. For mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.), only Part 1 will play above: Visit our YouTube Channel to view Parts 1-5]
(2hr: 16min)
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