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Daniel 9:27 and the Confirmation of a Covenant

What if one or more of the nations currently opposed to Israel come to find themselves in a position where it is better strategy to “confirm” Israel’s right to dwell in the Land than continue to oppose it, while at the very same time hating their presence there and looking for the first opportunity to recapture Jerusalem? That’s exactly where we are, and though now, it may seem remote, that’s where I see things headed. Continue reading

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The Time for the Unsealing of the Vision [Video]

This message is from the 2011 Wilderness Encounter Convocation in Pennsylvania. Reggie Kelly and Travis Bennett speak from Daniel 9 and 11 and present an overview of God’s purpose for the Gap of the Gentiles, the Time of Jacob’s Trouble and the Day of the Lord.

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Israel’s Wilderness Flight and the Short But Unequaled Tribulation

I think the ‘crux interpretum’ in any discussion of the timing and severity of “Jacob’s Trouble” is Dan 12:1-2. Jesus’ manifest use of Daniel’s prophecy in Mt 24:15, 21 is decisive. The key is to note the similarity of language … Continue reading

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Distinguishing The Peace We Are Looking For

There wasn’t anything allegorical about the recent events in Israel. These are concrete reality out-workings of the eschatology of the covenant appearing before our eyes. – “Doc” So true. It’s the age ending conclusion to the quarrel that began in … Continue reading

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The Abomination of Desolation in 2013?

If one sees no need for a peace arrangement that fulfills Dan 9:27; 11:23 and the covenant with death and hell (Isa 28:15, 18) that provides for Israel’s declaration of “peace and safety” (1Thes 5:3), and IF the revelation of the Antichrist is NOT (as I’m persuaded) at the threshold of the abomination in connection with Satan’s dejection by Michael in the middle of the week (Dan 12:1 with Rev 12:7-14). In other words, if the AC can appear completely independently of these preliminary events, then, of course, he’s subject to just appear at anytime. But then what events would distinguish his parousia? Surely, at very minimum, you’d agree it would be his violation of the holy place at Jerusalem.
Apart from such preliminary signal events, the revelation of the Antichrist can be just whenever anyone’s dates suggest that he’s on the scene. Apart from something tangible, as Paul’s identification of his appearing with standing in the temple, then its up for grabs and what is there to distinguish his presence? If the temple of God is NOT the holy place in Judea, then we may suppose the AC appears when he stands up in the church, or in the Holy See at Rome, and forces worship on Sunday, demanding worship on pain of death, as in the view of the replacement oriented 7th day adventists. Continue reading

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