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Thoughts on Samson and the Church in the Last Days [Video]

This is a 3 minute segment from a recent Bible Study, in which Reggie makes a succinct and powerful statement on how God can take the Church from it’s present weakened condition to spoil the principalities and powers. (It takes about a minute for Tom to formulate the question that got him going. Hang in there.)

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Antiochus was Never a Little Horn

I don’t think anyone’s calling attention to something that should be in the first place most obvious, but have never seen a commentator even question it. It’s like the emperor that had no clothes, or the forest that gets lost … Continue reading

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Apocalyptic Evangelism: Unveiling the Eternal Purposes of God [Video]

Spoken impromptu (between the scheduled meetings) to a few brothers at the 2013 Convocation in Ohio. We were blessed to have a camera handy to record this little outpouring from Reggie’s heart.

Reggie references this spoken message early on (12:56) in the conversation.

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Zechariah the Prophet [Audio]

Phil Norcom opened the 2013 Zechariah Convocation with this message. Other attendees made significant contributions at the end of the session.


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Now is Come… the Kingdom of Our God, and the Power of His Christ

Two Questions: Why it is that you say the kingdom cannot come in its fullness so long as Satan retains access to heaven? We know that Satan accuses the saints in heaven but why is that related to the mystery … Continue reading

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