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The Mystery of God

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

We’re were discussing Rev. 10:7 this morning. Do you see “the mystery of God” as “He preached to His servants the prophets” that was no longer “delayed” and was “finished” the same as “the mystery of Israel?” Do you think the angel in Rev. 10:7 is the same as the angel of Dan. 12:7? And […]

Michael’s Middle of the Week Victory in Heaven

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

[…] Michael’s middle of the week victory in heaven, and the affect this will have, not only in the realm of the mystery of iniquity (incarnation of Satan), but also in the realm of the believer’s inward life, is a topic close to my heart. Basically, it is nothing that is not already true and available in the gospel, but I am fully convinced that the church will be straightened to a corporate fullness that will be particularly constrained by the events of the last seven years. (see a piece I wrote some while back called, “Where God is Taking the Church”, posted on our website.)

I take the view that the church (true church or godly remnant) will know with absolute certainty when the seven years has begun. Perhaps even before the door of the seven years has shut tightly behind us, I believe there will be an increased corporate earnestness and urgency of travail and intercession among many, analogous to Daniel’s intercessory self abasement. I believe Michael’s authority to evict Satan at the set time is bound to the church’s travail, which comes in response, not only to the time, but to the revelation of the Spirit concerning what is at stake. […]

Only by the sight of Him: A Meditation

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

When I was a very young boy, I used to worry deeply about the Jews. I knew nothing of any promise concerning a future hope for them. I knew only that unless they were able to somehow forgive those who had done such things to them, they could not be saved, since Jesus had said […]