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Does the Church Bring in the Kingdom?

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Do you believe, as is being taught in many charismatic circles, that the Church is going to bring about the kingdom reign with Jesus’ return? There are many that think that it is the church that is going to bring in the Kingdom on this earth, so that God’s glory will be seen and experienced […]

The Heart of Apocalyptic Evangelism

Monday, December 20th, 2010

But Doc, here’s the question I want to run by you: What wise use should we who know the prophetic scriptures be making of these current trends that are moving in precisely the direction that prophecy said they would? I’m talking about evangelism, what Art liked to call, “apocalyptic evangelism”. Art compared ‘apocalyptic evangelism’ to the idea of a “delayed reaction bomb”. The seed of the powerful evidence of prophecy is sewn in confidence that it will be soon verified by the deepening crisis that will conform to the pattern that prophecy declares.

We might call it, “pre-evangelism”, particularly in the case of Jews who will not at first receive the Word, but will have later occasion to reflect on what was shown to them from the prophetic scriptures. Of course, the same holds true for anyone, but the church will not come to its appointed fullness independently of its calling to Israel, since the Jew represents the church’s most formidable challenge, and forces believers to do their homework. God knows that when we go to the Jew first, our faith will be tested and deepened. […]

The Seventy Sevens of Daniel Chapter 9 (Video)

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

In Chapter 9, Daniel realizes that the 70 years of exile is almost over, so he cries out to God for mercy for himself and his people. In response he has a vision of the the angel Gabriel who begins to explain God’s timetable for delivering Israel. Reggie Kelly and Phil Norcom lead us through the five visions of Daniel with emphasis on what they mean for Israel and the Church (The Mystery of Israel).

A complete session of the Video from September’s “People Prepared” Convocation on Daniel Chapter 9 is now available on YouTube. A direct link is found below:
Chapter Nine (click here if you see nothing below)