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The Mystery of Anti-Semitism

“. . . there is no doubt about one hard and fast conclusion: the grip of anti-Semitism on the inhabitants of Planet Earth 70 years after the Holocaust remains powerful and perhaps impervious to reason. Why single out one of … Continue reading

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How Shall We Then Live [Video]

This message is from the 2012 Olivet Convocation in Ohio. This was not the last message of the conference (it was next to last), but it was the message that asked the question that every conference should ask: so what? How do we live this out? Phil Norcom opened with passages in Mt 24, 25 and Joel 3. A blessed dialogue among brothers ensued.

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(1hr: 40min)
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The Two-fold Destruction of the Harlot and the Great Falling Away

We are not saying that the harlot is strictly synonymous with Jerusalem. On the contrary, it is very clear that the harlot represents something much more expansive in power and influence (Rev 17:15). Still, Jerusalem is nonetheless contemplated as ‘that great city,’ which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt. How can this be? In her apostasy, the ‘faithful city” is described as belonging in spirit and practice to the “city of confusion,” the symbol of world rebellion. The contradiction of the faithful city’s conformity to the spirit and practices of the surrounding nations was a constant lament of the prophets. Continue reading

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The Shaking of All Things That Can Be Shaken

Written in 2002 with the subtitle: Some Comments on the Tragedy of September 11, 2001 Part I was written by the late Art Katz, and is still available on the Art Katz Ministries website. Part II, by Reggie Kelly, is … Continue reading

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The Servant that Will Speak to Jacob in His Distress

Since judgment must begin at the house of God, nothing should be more sobering for the church’s consideration than the clear truth that one declared purpose of the coming unequaled tribulation is to bring Jacob to the end of his … Continue reading

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