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The Travail of the Church and Jacob’s Flight into the Wilderness [Video]

Reggie Kelly speaks on the Daniel-like travail of the Church that triggers Michael’s victory over Satan and the resulting great Tribulation on the earth.
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Commentary on Isaiah 28:1-18 [Audio]

Culled from a recent discussion (of several hours) around the table among friends (hosted by Bryan Purtle), this 40 minutes focuses on Chapter 28 of Isaiah, verses 1-18.



Right Click to Download Commentary on Isaiah 28 – by Reggie Kelly (39mb)
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Egypt in Prophecy

Is Isaiah 19 teaching some type of national salvation for egypt? Your question is one that holds great fascination for me. I do see Isa 19 as predicting the national salvation of Egypt, which is to say the surviving remnant … Continue reading

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Recommended Scriptures on the Rapture Question

Can you send me a few scriptures that reveal that pre-tribulation rapture is also a deception? One of my friends must have been reading a book other than the Bible lately concerning this issue. I can make a few suggestions … Continue reading

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The New and Everlasting Covenant

Would you say that the “everlasting covenant” is synonymous with the “new covenant,” and are there any details you would give to fill in the meaning of that covenant? I would say that there is no difference. In the prophets … Continue reading

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