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Zion’s Inviolability: Jerusalem as a Place of Refuge?

This guy believes that there will be a remnant physically and spiritually saved during the Great Tribulation in Jerusalem. What is your take on this? Revelation 11:13 (Rev 11:13) combined with Zech 14:2 show that despite the flooding (Isa 28:2; … Continue reading

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He Shall Become Strong With a Small People

Would you go as far to say that this is the type of figure (see the linked article) we are looking for to fulfill the role of the Anti Christ? This is indeed the ‘kind’ of fellow who could “come … Continue reading

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“In That Day…” – [Video]

In this message Reggie Kelly and Travis Bennett seek to provide clarity to the timing and nature of the “the Day of the Lord.” Specific attention is given to understanding errors in the doctrine of a pre-tribulation rapture, along with the accompanying assertions that the return of Christ is “imminent,” and that Israel and the Church are entirely separate entities. Reggie reads from this article during the message: The Rapture Question Decisively Answered by the Timing of the Day of the Lord.

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The Way the Prophets Understood Prophecies of the Antichrist

I‘ve referred to this before, but it has been too little noticed how not only later prophets such as Jeremiah and Daniel, but Isaiah himself was aware of a typology within his own prophecy that was known to point to … Continue reading

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Antiochus was Never a Little Horn

I don’t think anyone’s calling attention to something that should be in the first place most obvious, but have never seen a commentator even question it. It’s like the emperor that had no clothes, or the forest that gets lost … Continue reading

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