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Israel’s Wilderness Flight and the Short But Unequaled Tribulation

I think the ‘crux interpretum’ in any discussion of the timing and severity of “Jacob’s Trouble” is Dan 12:1-2. Jesus’ manifest use of Daniel’s prophecy in Mt 24:15, 21 is decisive. The key is to note the similarity of language … Continue reading

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Meat in Due Season

My constant prayer is that the Lord would “make the vision plain upon tables,” and that He will open our eyes to the essence of things and the connection of things, so that we don’t miss the glory of His … Continue reading

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The Travail of the Church and Jacob’s Flight into the Wilderness [Video]

Reggie Kelly speaks on the Daniel-like travail of the Church that triggers Michael’s victory over Satan and the resulting great Tribulation on the earth.
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Egypt in Prophecy

Is Isaiah 19 teaching some type of national salvation for egypt? Your question is one that holds great fascination for me. I do see Isa 19 as predicting the national salvation of Egypt, which is to say the surviving remnant … Continue reading

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The Order of the Return

How do you differentiate the “third-part left in the land” (Zech 13:8-9) from those brought back to the land from the Diaspora in Isaiah 66:19-20? To answer this question we need to establish the time of Israel’s national salvation, because … Continue reading

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