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The Mystery of Election

As to the mysteries of foreordination and predestination, there’s too much connected to this than can be accounted for by divine foresight of what men will do with the words and actions of God in history. It not something I … Continue reading

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The Revelation of the Mystery – [Video]

The last two hours of our recent online study on Romans Chapter 16 was particularly rich. Reggie, Travis and others explored “the mystery” now revealed. What is it, and what isn’t it?

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On Evangelism in “Apocalyptic Evangelism”

I believe we are using the word, “evangelism” in the apostolic sense of the word, which necessarily included the context of a revealed mystery to be made known to all nations by means of the prophetic scriptures. It is the … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Israel [Video]

“I would not that ye be ignorant of this mystery brethren.” – We caught Reggie and Travis reflecting on the mystery of Israel, the Messiah nation, and the glory of the Church, the first fruits of Messiah’s sufferings. (Taken from the meeting after the meeting in Session 31 of God’s Foretold Work)

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Thoughts on Faith

The grace of believing God is a supreme gift that is beyond our natural ability, but it is also not left up to us. Though the will be ever so present with us, to truly believe God is a gift … Continue reading

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