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Reggie Kelly Testimony: The Anatomy of a Revelation [VIDEO]

This interview was recorded in preparation for “Covenant and Controversy II: The City of the Great King” by FAI Missions. It is included as an extra in the Special Edition, where it is still available at a higher resolution along with many other excellent clips.

We are grateful to FAI for permission to share this here.

The interviewer is Dalton Thomas of FAI Missions.

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The Prophetic Timeline in Hosea – [VIDEO]

Reggie discusses the prophetic framework (and yes… even timeline) upon which the mysteries of the faith do hang.

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Daniel and the “Big Picture” – [VIDEO]

Reggie discusses what Daniel would have inherited from Moses, the Psalms, and the prophets that preceded him, and how this would have been interpreted in light of his questions and the new light he was receiving.

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The Prince of Tyre and the Everlasting Hatred – [VIDEO]

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Understanding God’s Purposes with Israel (with Joel Richardson) – [VIDEO]

The Underground Episode 44: Understanding God's Purposes With Israel with Reggie Kelly from Joel Richardson on Vimeo.

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