Introduction | Daniel the Prophet: Pursuing the Lord’s Mandate

The Introductory session of September 2010’s “People Prepared” Convocation on Daniel the Prophet is now available on YouTube. This was the first meeting in the series of videos on the Five Visions of Daniel that have already been posted.

A direct link is found below:
Daniel the Prophet: Pursuing the Lord’s Mandate (click/tap here if you see nothing below)

Phil Norcom and Reggie Kelly lead a discussion on the significance of the prophet Daniel for our current generation. They are accompanied by Mark Klafter and Fred London.

[On the lower left of the player above there is a button between the “Play” button and the “Volume” button. This button is the “Playlist” button and will show all the parts of this particular playlist (in our case all the parts of the “session”) for the convenience of switching from one part to another. In order to switch to another session use the chart below.]

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